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What's BitPerks?

BitPerks is a platform where you can offer rewards and perks to your creator coin holders (exclusive content, livestreams, hangouts etc.) - we offer it all.

BitPerks V1 - Releasing Oct. 22nd, 2021

Why BitPerks?

Reward your supporters by setting up tiers and perks in one beautifully designed place.

➥ 💰 Make Money! BitPerks is creator economy focused, so we make it easy to earn for your expertise

➥ 🎨 Creative Freedom! Set up your profile to your liking and choose your goals and reward systems

➥ 🎯 Goal Setting! Shoot for the moon, and build milestones to strive for

➥ 🌟 Be Seen! Optimize your profile and reach a new audience

➥ 🥇 Support Your Top Fans! Through rewards, you can easily know who your top contributors are

It's your money. Keep it.

Free to use on Lite Edition. Keep 100% of your earnings on qualified rewards from your perks.


[ Access The First Phase Now ] Note: The project will be launched in phases. And as the development progresses we will announce each phase & functionality of our platform. Check out the Roadmap for more details.

Built by creators, for creators.

We love our users, and they love us back. See how we have impacted the creator economy.


More than just a reward system...

🚀 Goal Setting

Have a visual representation of your Creator Token and set up milestones for events and rewards.

💌 Build a Community

Using our discord bot you can create Discord communities with automatic reward tiers and systems for specific roles & channels.

💵 Reward Input

Setup Reward Tiers for your profile, and give benefits to those who reach different tiers. Your creativity is your freedom.

🔒 Exclusive Content

Be able to create content only for certain supporters in different tiers (livestreams, articles, posts, etc.)

How it Works

BitPerks allows users to create profiles and seamlessly interact with their supporters

Curate in Minutes

Set up your profile, add rewards and milestones with just a few clicks. It's that easy.

Share Everywhere

Add your profile link to your social media bio and tell your community you are on BitPerks.

Gain Investments

Keep 100% of the revenue when someone buys from your tier system.

What Creators Are Saying

Connor Mitchell ✔

"The ideas behind the BitPerks platform is going to revolutionize the BitClout and creator economy - I'm all for it."

100 ✔

"The BitPerks team are one of the most motivated groups I've ever seen - they are building a product out of passion and I'm stoked!

Salvo ✔

"The BitPerks team are the kind of young and talented entrepreneurs you know will do big things within the creator economy."

See How to Optimize Your Perks

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The Future of the BitPerks Platform

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Make money & reward your supporters using crypto

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