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How to use the BitPerks Discord Bot

May 27, 2021 | Charles Nyabeze

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first official BitPerks feature blog [#01]. In today's blog post I'll be walking you through what the BitPerks bot is (made by @Krish) and how to use it in your Discord community.


Firstly we will go over the power this bot has:

  • Verify your discord account by connecting it to your BitClout account.

  • Pull up exactly how much coin you hold in your favourite creators.

  • Auto Assign discord roles based on how many coins you hold in X creator.

🚀 Revolutionizing Coin Holders

Now let's dive straight into the value this bot will bring to creators.

By using this bot in your very own server you will be able to give your top supporters roles (without lifting a finger!), and be able to see valuable information about your supporters such as their emails (future newsletter integration 😉) and BitClout handles!

The value of these roles will be that depending on what role they have, they will be given access to channels that only you (the creator) and them (the user with x role) can access. This means you'll easily be able to communicate with your high-value supporters without having to go through the pain of talking to them one by one or adding them all to a group.

Secondly, the value this gives to high-value supporters of creators is that it will be easy to communicate with your favourite creators by simply verifying yourself in their server.

Now for the fun stuff, how does this bot work? We have streamlined this process down to 4 simple and easy-to-do steps!

Video Tutorial on the Discord Bot

(We've included this short video tutorial if that's more you're style 😉)

Step by Step description below:

① [Step #1]

Type !verify in the ✅┇verification channel. Then a new channel called NAME-private-verification will pop up on the top

Enter your email e.g. (janedoe@gmail.com) and confirm it by typing YES or NO

② [Step #2]

Enter your public key from BitClout e.g.(BC1YLh.....), this is found on your profile or in your wallet.

③ [Step #3]

Copy the provided text and post it on your personal BitClout account.

④ [Step #4]

Click on the three dots to the right of your post and click the link to post. After doing so paste the link into the bot channel.

☑️ Verification

And just like that, you're verified! Once you are verified you can easily get your own role by typing !roles in the general chat.

Join our Discord Community and test out the verification!


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