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The Future of the BitPerks Platform

May 28, 2021 | Charles Nyabeze

Hey everyone! Welcome to blog post [#02]. In today's blog post I'll be speaking about one of the most important questions we've been asked: "What is the future of BitPerks?"

Note: plans for launching and release date for platform features can be found on the Roadmap

We will be the One-Stop-Shop for Creators 🚀

Let's first talk about long-term plans.

We see BitPerks being the one-stop place for creators and their supporters.

BitPerks has the potential to rival Patreon, Only Fans, Substack, and all other platforms that operate off subscription-based reward systems - except now we are adding the component of cryptocurrency. For now, when we launch we will be solely focused on the BitClout platform as we will use how much "coin" you hold in the creator as the determinate in the reward.

Multiple Payment Methods 🤑

But, in the future, we plan on reaching the greater creator economy by providing the option for multiple payments include ethereum and USD. Unlike most platforms like Patreon and Only Fans, you will always have 100% access to your payment and we won't take a percentage of your gains.

Instead, we will be operating on a reasonably priced monthly subscription service that will allow you to unlock different features on our platform depending on the tier you choose. We will also offer a free trial basis to be able to test out the platform.

In all tier options, you will have a centralized hub for both the creator and the supporter to be able to develop a more personal relationship.

Perks + Creator = 🤩

We see BitPerks closing the platform gap between creators and their fans.

As a creator, it is often difficult to show all the different things we are offering our fans - courses, memberships, discounts, 1-1 calls etc. Because of this, regardless of what platform you're on, we will be able to demonstrate that in a simple all-access hub for all your fans

The Future of BitPerks is one worth staying closely to - this is truly just the beginning of this platform.


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