Meet the Team

Founded - April 2021.


    Matthew Espinoza Co-Founder

    Matt co-founded BitPerks after finding an undealt with the problem in the creator economy manages the BitPerks team.


  • Built a profitable monthly 5-figure edu-tech company selling digital courses

  • He and his team have a group of entrepreneurs & content creators called The Inner Circle where they have discussions about creating passive income sources online

  • Launching a Podcast around interviewing BitClout influencers


    Charles Nyabeze Co-Founder

    Charles co-founded BitPerks after hitting a moonshot idea with Matt. Charles works as the CMO of the company.


  • At 17 Charles has been a co-founder of 2 startups and helped start a profitable security company in his hometown

  • Currently dominating the BitClout Economy as he builds BitPerks and advising for BitGains Agency

  • Charles also likes to participate in clubhouse discussions about BitClout and go on podcasts talking about BitPerks

    Calix Huang Co-Founder

    Calix helped to co-found BitPerks alongside Matt and Charles. Calix serves as the CTO of the company.


  • Founder of Hours, an educational startup (acquired by Fiveable)

  • Featured on TechCrunch, Business Insider, Yahoo News, and Morning Brew

  • Experience in various SWE internships and contract projects



    Jerry Di Co-Founder

    Jerry joined the BitPerks team after following on with Matt. Jerry works as the CPO of the company.


  • Founder of Unitic, a biotech startup focused on Treatment Tourette syndrome. Moved to TS Canada for development

  • Created freelance business consulting firm, helped 50+ small businesses and organizations to the massive growth

  • Featured by Yahoo News, The Toronto Star, The National Observer


Team Members

    Nima Pourjafar Senior Full-Stack Developer

    Nima helps to develop the core BitPerks platform alongside the development team.


  • Co-Founder of Grow N Track, project backed by Microsoft

  • Currently working at Send Story Training, Diglit, and BitPerks

  • Past projects acquired for over 5 figures


    Ayush Pathak Senior Integration Developer

    Ayush joined the BitPerks team to help with all aspects of marketing and outreach.



  • Lead development for a plethora of tech startups based in biotech, fintech and creator media/economy

  • Active in modern polymath training, and currently developing BitPerks.


    Jason Antwi-Appah SenWeb Developer

    Jason helps to develop the core BitPerks platform alongside the development team.



  • Jason is a 16-year-old web developer and aspiring entrepreneur working on building the BitPerks platform.

  • He moved to the US from the UK in 2016.

  • Outside of software development, he enjoys AV production, photography, and music production

    Krish Nerkar Lead Integration Developer

    Krish joined the BitPerks team as a full stacks developer to build the core BitPerks launch




  • Top 20 in national development tournament

  • Engage and manage over 8,000 discord communities through modded bots

  • Currently exploring all the fields of computer science from 3D interactive websites to crypto-blockchain tech


    Uddeshya Senior Web Developer

    Uddeysha has had a plethora of experience leading top Bitclout projects to launch. He's currently working on redefining the BitPerks experience.



  • Enabling Enterprise Companies and Businesses To Optimize Results through Various Technology and Digital Experimentation

  • Oversees and leads a team of on contact developers solving the greatest issues

    Ryan Haraki Lead Integration Developer

    Ryan joined the BitPerks team to both lead a community and create a platform that will change the creator economy.


  • Co-Founder & CTO of Aqua, a B2B payments startup

  • Rising Business and Computer Science freshman at the University of British Columbia

  • Currently exploring all the fields of computer science from 3D interactive websites to crypto-blockchain tech


    Connor Mitchell Host of BitCult


    Kyler Wang Founder at Spark Teen


    Gary Collins Co-Founder of BitLauncher


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